July 14, 2011

One field of poetry and dance

July 14, 2011

I have been contintuing with the # I am a Fish area of this project. There seems to be a lot in it that asks my attention and i am happy for it. More and more I experience and see how poetry is offering me a sense of space and personal imagination. This is a direct link to the dance, it has become more one field when i perform, other than two different disciplines trying to find their way to work together. This excites me. The possibilities are endless here, yet need to be so exact for it to be so.


A reminder of what this is a part of:

Singing to use the waiting / # I am a Fish, is part of this two year project in which I work with poems by Jorie Graham, with (the activism of) silence and urgency. Some areas of attention that I come across, I wish to investigate further. One of the ways of doing this has been performing relatively short dances (15-30 min.) in performances with low tech situations. # I am a Fish has been continuing to ask attention and so I keep working with this, each time highlighting or sharpening different sides of it.

On 21 July 2011, it will be the 2nd Singing to use the waiting / # I am a Fish dance in Berlin, this time in duet with trombone player/composer Hilary Jeffery. Starts at 15.30h. www.tanzfabrik-berlin.de

On 13 August the third will be in Amsterdam in Studio Seven. Details will soon be at www.lilykiara.nl/events.html

# I am a Fish

December 7, 2010

Singing to use the Waiting / # I am a Fish

Documentary Dance

In the new year, 2 January 2011, I will dance this piece in Berlin, Germany,  at Tanzfabrik, in the context of the programme Freistil.

# I am a Fish dives into the possibility of dance beign treated as documentary making. It interweaves and plays with story, (family) history, memory and the relief of poetry. # I am a Fish is a flirt with this form through a continuous bouncing off of dancing and writing in the process.

Documentary maker Pirjo Honkasalo: “You cannot ask people who are filmed in a documentary to act as someone else than who they are. And you have a great responsibility, because it is about real people, who may not realise what it means to be in a film”. (translated from a Dutch paper from the IDFA)

I danced with a text that started with ‘I am a Fish’, in Berlin at Tanzfabrik in the Summer of 2010. Then I continued working with the text and one day I wrote an essay (that also has poetry in it). Now I am taking this essay/poetry into the dance. There may be storytelling. There may be poetry. I am treating it as a documentary in dance. I love documentaries. (the IDFA is a favourite festival…and it is one of the few reasons I  still have a TV, although occasionally I watch crap too…)

I am very curious about this all. What may happen in the piece. Will it work. Can it work? And how does it work? This is a new form for me in making dances. It is a bit funny to me too, as the essay is set up around the fact that I don’t remember stories. And voila, there is some storytelling.

I am a Fish: what part of story i remember/the relief of poetry…

Berlin, Germany, 2 January, Tanzfabrik, 18h.


The Activism of Silence

October 3, 2010

The Activism of Silence…

# Daisy ‘s Visit

June 1, 2010

Singing to use the waiting / # Daisy ‘s Visit, are short pieces, in which I work with elements of the Evolution Poems of Jorie Graham.

Daisy ‘s first visits are on 12 June, at Salon des Mots, Atelier de Werkvloer, Brigittenstraat 7, 20:00, Utrecht and

23 July at Tanzfabrik, Studio, Berlin, Germany

Two # Study Performances

May 19, 2010

Singing to use the waiting / # Still Happening(s), with Michael Vatcher, percussion and Lily Kiara, dance

Singing to use the waiting /#  i found a reason, with Felicity Provan, vocals/text and Lily Kiara, dance

2 July 2010, Muiderpoorttheater, Tweede van Swindenstraat 26, 20:30h., Amsterdam, NL. Reservations: +31(0)20 668 1313

# Still Happening(s)

May 19, 2010

One of the pieces in the # Study Performances of this project is named Singing to use the waiting / # Still Happening(s). On happenings and stillness, occurrences and space of time in between, on action and resonance, resonance and stillness… With percussionist Michael Vatcher.  www.lilykiara.nl/singing.html





# i found a reason

May 19, 2010

i do believe

in all the things i see

what comes is better

than what came before

This i part of the text from the song ‘I found a reason’, originally by the Velvet Underground, and covered beautifully, splendidly and authentic even in cover, by Cat Power.

The first # Study Performances will be two pieces in one evening. One of them is Singing to use the waiting/ # i found a reason, dealing with structure and how structure can affect content; about writing and rewriting. Together with Felicity Provan, vocals/text. www.lilykiara.nl/singing.html

urgency and stillness

March 17, 2010

urgency and stillness urgency and stillness urgency and stillness

Poetic language speaking directly (in-)to poetic body moving.

March 10, 2010

The ‘singing’ as time, the ‘waiting’ as stillness in which time happens.

I started reading again in the poetry volume ‘Never’ by Jorie Graham. It was one of those times when you read in words all you have been working with in the dance: ‘picking up the right book at the right time kinda thing’. I am excited by this, it’s always a sign. It puts me on a directed track. I am now working with two poems in the book. Don’t want to say too much about it yet, words need to be timely somehow, if they can…But it is surely worth planning a #Study Performance with this work. (on my website you can read about this: www.lilykiara.nl/singing.html)

Specificity of language. Poetic language speaking directly to the poetic body moving. (brutal language speaking directly to… the body moving/brutal body/poetic body?)

These poems evoke and demand precision in the dancing self. In the dance.